Ghost Tour, Victor Colorado.

Ghost Tour, Victor Colorado..

Victor Colorado Flowers… Yes Flowers


Fire in the Clouds

Fire in the Clouds

100 Year Old Victorian Dress

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Late 1890 to 1910 authentic Victorian Dress

This Dress is located in the Cripple Creek District Museum.

Goat on a Rock

Goat on a Rock

Goat on a Rock

Taken near Bison Reservoir

Colorado Springs By Night

Out testing my new camera with night photography.

I captured this gem on Gold Camp Road just above the City of Colorado Springs.

A car was nice enough to pass by and light up the road and the rocks for me.

Blood on the Wall

Blood on the Wall

 On Friday July 1st at about 2-3 am in the morning a half Hispanic half White 20 year old male with a height about 5’6″ to 5’9″ entered my apartment unlawfully.

He unfortunately ran into me armed with a 4′ broadsword.  In his attempt to push the sword away he cut his left hand.  At least I believed it was his left hand.

This person is still at large and currently wanted for 2nd degree burglary and other possible crimes.

Additional description:   Skinny muscular build with a defiant gang member mentality.  He is also friends with my neighbors who hid him from the cops in their apartment.

His DNA is now on file just looking to match it with a name.  Yes that is his blood on the wall.

For the record I am ok, but I did loose a $150 dollar night shot Sony camera.  It was broken in the scuffle.


Random Picture from the Cripple Creek Trading and Transfer Station

Old Phonograph

I love historical artifacts and enjoy a few romps behind the ropes of some select museums around Colorado.

My favorite photo’s come from these rare excursions.

Random Picture, Cripple Creek, CO; Palace Hotel

Cripple Creek Palace Hotel

Random Pictures From Frank Copley

I love Trains

This is actually a Test post, but I like this picture so I will keep it up here.


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