JnJ Supervisors Peeping on Employees

On 8/12/2017 a supervisor [redacted] “peeped” (looked through the crack of) a men’s room stall door at me.  To help preserve the evidence;  He was wearing a red T-shirt with white writing on it and faded blue jeans.  I did not get a good look at his shoes.  I know he saw me I looked back at him.  He then scurried off in a hurry.  By the time I exited the restroom he was gone.  I would have gone after him faster but its difficult to chase after somebody while your pants are around your ankles.

This happened at Johnson and Johnson’s, Depuy Synthes plant in Monument Colorado.

Why I am I writing this?  There is a certain “expectation of privacy” required for restrooms both public and those in the workplace.  This is an established precedent.  Regardless of what your employer, supervisor or even other employees think.

Upon reporting this indecent to the Security guards, one of the guards was hostile to me and berated me for trying to “ruin a guy”.  The older guard present simple took down my statement and put it in the log.  The younger guard was out of line with me and unprofessional.  Making statements about how I should not report the indecent.

I spent the rest of the evening at work pissed off, feeling violated and generally not wanting to even work much less be there.

I waited till the next day (08/13/2017) to call the police.  I recorded this phone call.  The police officer asked me if I thought the person did this for some sort of sexual gratification and I said, “I don’t thinks so.”,  and also asked me if this was one or more events.  With this being only a single event that it was not yet harassment.  It also at this time could not be classified as a sex crime.

I also asked the Officer about hidden camera’s in the facility with noting that on the work floor they would not be unlawful but to call and start an investigation if any camera’s were found in restrooms.

The Officer asked if had or was going to report this to HR.  I responded that the HR department has been found to cover up issues in the past.  I did not and will not elaborate on this at this time.  It is an ongoing investigation.  I also said I felt that the JnJ HR was hostile to me in the past and of no help.

That was most of the conversation with the Monument Police.

I am in contact with an attorney on this matter.

I feel JnJ and its representatives will be hostile to me about this as they have been in the past.

I personally believe I have had my right to privacy violated by JnJ and its management.  No one should feel that they are being watched in a restroom unless there is just cause.  JnJ has not just cause for this.


— Frank Copley

Co-Founder and Spokesperson for “The Group” *

*“The Group” is a labor rights activist labor organization that has existed for 4 years inside the Monument JnJ facility.  Its main mission is to advise non-management employees on there rights and to help the seek legal counsel and how to talk to management about issues.  JnJ management has shown hostility to this group.

It is my right to post and talk about issues at work outside the workplace in accordance with the Nation Labor Relations Act.  This is also my right under Colorado Law.








The Oppressed Rulers of the Games Industry

Returning Post

I have not posted for sometime, but it has not been for a lack of desire to do so.

On Jan 8, 2014 at 9:37 in the evening not feeling well I decided to get off the computer and get some sleep.

In one step a small objected clogged a blood vessel in my right front cranium.  Albeit and fortunately for me for only a short time but long enough to leave permanent and temporary damage.

I found myself standing (in hindsight) 4 steps from my computer not knowing where I was, what I was doing there or even who I was.    I took one step that would define my life for the next few years, and 3 steps I don’t have any memories of.

This event could have been much worse than it was.  I might not have walked away from this one and I know it’s not the first time it’s happened with me.  There have been 2 other events like this, one that dropped me to my knees and stopped my heart and the other that dropped me to the floor for 24 hours.  The previous 2 events left me with near death memories of the other side.  This one did not or at least I don’t remember.  This maybe because for three hours after the Jan 2014 event I could not remember anything.   I now refer to this as the 3 steps I will never remember.  I am lucky to remember anything at all, I think.

So if I look at you like I should know you but I have a puzzled look on my face, just remind me what your name is.  Even if its only been a few days.

My sense of adventure has not been lost though.  This had led me to get off my ass, lose the weight I gained and seek new adventures.  Though I did have to wait for the headaches to mostly go away and I still have to watch that, I am ready for a new set of discoveries.

These I hope to bring you.

And please don’t worry about my health.  I know how to recover very well.  This is not the first time I have had to do this.  I am not ready to be a ghost yet.

Speaking of adventures past and present.  My old friends have moved on to other things also.  So I will still meet up with some of them from time to time and post those adventures I will also be seeking new insights from people I have yet to meet.

I leave you then with a picture from my last outing.  At a private lake with my older brother we took some pictures of the things around us.

You can find the best photos of that labor day photo shoot here in my Google plus page.


Milkyway with a passing object.

Milkyway with a passing object.


Ghost Tour, Victor Colorado.

Ghost Tour, Victor Colorado..

Victor Colorado Flowers… Yes Flowers


Fire in the Clouds

Fire in the Clouds

100 Year Old Victorian Dress

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Late 1890 to 1910 authentic Victorian Dress

This Dress is located in the Cripple Creek District Museum.

Goat on a Rock

Goat on a Rock

Goat on a Rock

Taken near Bison Reservoir

Colorado Springs By Night

Out testing my new camera with night photography.

I captured this gem on Gold Camp Road just above the City of Colorado Springs.

A car was nice enough to pass by and light up the road and the rocks for me.

Blood on the Wall

Blood on the Wall

 On Friday July 1st at about 2-3 am in the morning a half Hispanic half White 20 year old male with a height about 5’6″ to 5’9″ entered my apartment unlawfully.

He unfortunately ran into me armed with a 4′ broadsword.  In his attempt to push the sword away he cut his left hand.  At least I believed it was his left hand.

This person is still at large and currently wanted for 2nd degree burglary and other possible crimes.

Additional description:   Skinny muscular build with a defiant gang member mentality.  He is also friends with my neighbors who hid him from the cops in their apartment.

His DNA is now on file just looking to match it with a name.  Yes that is his blood on the wall.

For the record I am ok, but I did loose a $150 dollar night shot Sony camera.  It was broken in the scuffle.